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Mars Hill 2: Cult Boogaloo

Sam, Dave, and Becky react to last week’s interview with ex-Mars Hill member Andrew Lamb, and get some insight from Stephanie Drury on the Church.




Some Credits:

The list of Cult indicators comes from Characteristics Associated with Cultic Groups, by Dr. Janja Lalich, and Dr. Michael Langone. Published in the book Take Back Your Life: Recovering from Cults and Abusive Relationships. Link

Warren Throckmorton’s blog;


Choice Mark Driscoll Quotes:

Note:  Some of the words have been changed for radio-safeness.

  • Pussified = Simonized
  • Masturbate = Simonized

“We live in a completely simonized nation… We could get every man, real man as opposed to simonized James Dobson knock-off crying Promise Keeping homoerotic, worship loving mama’s boy sensitive emasculated neutered exact male replica evangellyfish, and have a conference in a phone book.”

On Adam listening to Eve: “As a result, he was cursed for listening to his wife and every man since has been his simonized, sit quietly by and watch a nation of men be raised by bitter penis envying burned feministed single mothers who make sure that Johnny grows up to be a very nice woman who sits down to pee.”

On the Trinity: “Father, Son, and Spirit. But some chicks and chickified dudes with limp wrists and minors in ‘women’s studies’ are not happy because two persons of the trinity have a dude-ish ring.”

On Ted Haggard being caught with a male prostitue: “It is not uncommon to meet pastors¿ wives who really let themselves go; they sometimes feel that because their husband is a pastor, he is therefore trapped into fidelity, which gives them cause for laziness. A wife who lets herself go and is not sexually available to her husband in the ways that the Song of Songs is so frank about is not responsible for her husband¿s sin, but she may not be helping him either.¿

On a Female Episcopalian Bishop: “If Christian males do not man up soon, the Episcopalians may vote a fluffy baby bunny rabbit as their next bishop to lead god’s men.”

On the Twilight series: “Satan is real and clever… He is not going to come at us with a pitchfork and horns. More likely he’ll attempt to lure people towards darkness with methods like “harmless” entertainment, possibly in the form of bad acting and melodrama.”

On James Cameron’s Avatar: ”[It’s] the most demonic, satanic film I’ve ever seen… That any Christian could watch that without seeing the overt demonism is beyond me.”

On yoga: “As I’ve explained in this post, yoga is a religious philosophy that is in direct opposition to Christianity. Thus, in its true form, yoga cannot be simply received by any Christian in good conscious [SIC]. To do so would be to reject the truths of Scripture and thus Jesus himself.”

On a bad wife: “They’re quarrelsome. They’re a nag. And some women ¿ you’re a nag. You’re disrespectful. You’re quarrelsome. Being married to you is like a life sentence, and the guy’s just scratching on his wall every day. Proverbs talks about certain women¿they’re like a dripping faucet. You ever tried to sleep with a dripping faucet? Plunk, plunk, plunk, plunk, plunk. It’s what we use to torture people who are prisoners of war. A wife is like that.”

On Environmentalism: “¿I know who made the environment and he¿s coming back and going to burn it all up. So yes, I drive an SUV.¿

After explaining how women aren’t good leaders: ”…ask yourself if it doesn¿t look like the Serpent is still trolling the garden and that the daughters of Eve aren¿t gullible in pronouncing progress, liberation, and equality.”

And of course: “…Masturbation can be a form of homosexuality because it is a sexual act that does not involve a woman. If a man were to simonize while engaged in other forms of sexual intimacy with his wife then he would not be doing so in a homosexual way. However, any man who does so without his wife in the room is bordering on homosexuality activity, particularly if he’s watching himself in a mirror and being turned on by his own male body.”

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