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Sam, God, and Green Apples

Sam and Becky, mere seconds after the series ended.

Sam and Becky, mere seconds after the series ended.

How do we start this episode?  We could go with “CUBS WIN,” or “Cubs win the Series!” or even something like “Chicago-Style Holy Cow.”   We don’t know.  In this tumultuous episode, Becky and Dave help Sam navigate a series of stories that range from sausage to personal terror.   To say nothing of baseball.


For future searches, this is the episode after the Chicago Cubs win the World Series at the conclusion of the 2016 season, 108 years after their previous World Series victory.




Music in atheist and skeptic podcasting, while on the whole good, misses lots of licensed content that would fit into shows well, and I wonder if it could be made public the cost of licensing.

In particular, I love Stevie Wonder’s song Superstition, I can’t believe of the numerous podcasts I listen to, it hasn’t become bumper music or even been played once as far as I remember.

The whole refrain of the song is “if you believe in things you don’t understand then you suffer. Superstition ain’t the way.”

I can’t believe this song doesn’t get more play in our community, and if you can let me or the community know you have a music fund, I’d donate to it in a heartbeat!
Roger from Edmonds, WA

I’m writing to point out that Muslims that live above the Arctic Circle are not breatharians if Ramadan happens to be in Summer (they may decide to go with Mecca time, or the nearest more reasonable day-night cycle). So it shouldn’t be a big deal for them to establish a new arrangement regarding praying towards Mecca, if they make an even bigger change than their latitude.

I’m reminded of when G’Kar in Babylon 5 missed out on performing a ritual that had to be timed according to sunlight hitting a holy site on his home planet. And then they got around it by relying on doing it in time with when the light from several years previous reached the Babylon 5 station.

Odd from Norway

I have a question since I do consider myself as a confused catholic . I 50% believe god isn’t real and and 50% he is real. But, most of my belief that he isn’t real is due to my experience in the past and today as well. But, my mind doesn’t wanna agree with what I feel. I have done my research and find 97% he isn’t real. But still my mind won’t agree with what I see sadly even if I disagree with my mind. Is there any step I can take to let my mind believe how I feel is 100% true?
Josie from California

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