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No Wait… A Llama!

Sam gets political, screamy, and mushy.  Josh laments the persecuted majority.  Becky yells about inappropriate school discipline and also sex clubs, separately.  Dave joins for a nuanced discussion on sports.  An aging Nelson impersonator makes jokes about the hair of politicians.

In other words, we’re overdoing it.



Hi guys! It’s Derryn again, that Australian in London who knows far too much about US politics thanks to your show (which, btw, you have no need to be sorry about – We’re all in this together!!)

I just listened to last week’s show talking about the London attacks and wanted to make a minor correction. You mentioned that London Bridge was now in the US, so assumed the article should have said “Tower Bridge”. London Bridge did indeed get moved to Arizona, but they replaced it with a concrete monstrosity that they called – wait for it- London Bridge. Tower Bridge is the next bridge to the east.

In other news, no doubt you’ve heard about the mess of an election we just had. We have have discussion of a Conservative-DUP coalition, which is deeply concerning. As some background, DUP was originally the political wing of the Northern Irish paramilitary groups (just like Sinn Fein were the political arm of the IRA).

The DUP are as right-wing conservative as they come: I’ve heard their manifesto described as “the Bible, with fortnightly bin collections”. NI is currently the only country in the UK that does not have legal same-sex marriage, and this is largely due to the fact that the DUP is staunchly against it. The DUP now has a massive lever in UK politics! Another interesting factor to throw in the mix now is that the leader of the Conservatives in Scotland, who the PM needs continued support from to maintain a government, is gay. She has quite frankly come out and said that she will accept “absolutely no rescission of LGBTI rights in the rest of the UK”.

Derryn from Australia via London via Facebook via Earth via The Milky Way Galaxy


Has the average intelligence of humanity decreased in terms of logical thinking, rationality, and Individual thought? And much like a forest fire is needed to clear out the deadwood in an overgrown forest, are we reaching the point where we need a war to do much the same?

Matthew from The Facebooks


Moar politics! Next to the @CampQuestNW documentary this is your best work.

Chuck from Twitter


I’m sorry to hear what happened Sam. You normalized atheism for me when I was afraid of my doubt in God.

Matt from Twitter

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