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Not Okay

This week, Josh and Wes join Sam to talk about things that are not okay in various types: The violence in Charlottesville, a war-mongering president, and Sam himself.




Nonsense. If there is God, then where did life started? There would be no creation if there hasn’t been a creator. Okay, if you are saying that everything has it’s scientific explanation, then tell me, where did science came from? You might say it’s the knowledge and the intellect of a human that explains every natural phenomenon, then where did the intellect of the human came from? Can science explain why among all 8 planets, we are only given one planet to call our home and live life? We can live in some other planet but only the earth was given a human the privilege to live in it with enough oxygen, water, enough sunlight, enough food and water that other planets don’t contain.
Katie from The Internet

[In a previous episode] Becky mentioned the owner of Hobby Lobby who’s planning to build a Bible Museum in DC. She criticized him for building it close to the Mall where the Smithsonian museums are, so that the Bible museum would stealthily blend in.

As much as I hate to defend him, I must. I live in suburban Maryland, and downtown DC is, among other things, the museum district. A lot of the Smithsonian museums are in that area, along the Mall and off of it. But there are other museums around there as well, including the Newseum, the Spy Museum (both private museums that charge for admission), and the Holocaust Museum (which sells tickets during the busy season).

So I don’t think there’s anything underhanded in opening a museum there: that’s just where the museum-going families are, in the summer.
ArensB from the Internet

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J. Kevin Calkins

Hi, just a quick question from someone who doesn’t know a whole lot about podcasts, generally. That’s because I’m deaf, and that’s related to my question. Does your podcast include CC or subtitles? I’d really like to “hear”/see what you have to say! Thanks!

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