Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Must Be Demons

Sam, Meredith, and Wes consider pros and cons of laws that govern mental and reproductive healthcare, analyze increased openness of LGBTQ individuals, mock a priest freaked out by demons, and dress down a bigot who’s destroying America.



Hello. I’d like to mention that one thing in particular I have missed when Sam isn’t on the show, is that he’s often the one who brings up an alternative perspective. Sometimes when the show is talking about say Trump supporters, it’s easy for everyone to agree and repeat the same points. Which could be a sign that you’re missing something. Or that there wasn’t much to talk about in the first place.  -Odd from Norway

Watched a documentary on you guys. Man, what a bunch of juvenile anti-Christian bigots. Rename your show “We’re so smart and sophisticated, let’s mock Patriotic American Fundamentalist Christians while congratulating ourselves on our wonderful brains”. What about Roman Catholics, Jews, Native Americans, storefront churches, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Satanists, African tribal beliefs in spirits, etc.? I’m curious about people like you who say they don’t believe in God yet work so hard to prove He doesn’t exist. Takes a lot of faith if you ask me. -Don from The Internet

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I’ve got bad news for Sam. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s IMDB page lists an untitled Terminator reboot in pre-production.

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