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A Little Less Stupid

Becky, Sam, Wes, and Josh want god and Billy Graham out of government and schools. We don’t think marriage equality is a farce, and advise against vandalism or marrying your laptop.

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Recently, a friend of mine mentioned that he missed loving snow unconditionally. I reflected on that a little bit and I realized that, while I love snow, I’m not sure that I can ever remember loving snow “unconditionally.” My earliest memories of wishing and praying for it to snow are coupled with memories of being shamed by Catholic educators who laid a guilt trip on us for offering those prayers, as though eight year olds praying for snow were the cause of the suffering of the homeless people left out in the cold.

I’m old enough now to know that my wishes and prayers do not affect the weather, but I find it interesting to examine how my religious upbringing still affects my experience of the world. As I left work last night, I stood outside waiting for my bus as a light snow had begun to fall. I left my headphones off to enjoy the soft silence that always seems to come with fresh snowfall, even a light dusting like this. I was also keenly aware that there would be people suffering that night in the cold, as they do most nights this time of year, and this snowfall was a reminder to me that I should do more to alieve that sort of suffering. But a child who prays for snow should not be made to feel responsible for that suffering.  -Mike from Seattle

Good day Ask An Atheist! [I grew up Catholic but am now agnostic]. One event [the Book of Revelation] foretold is the putting of the mark of the beast [on] foreheads and on the right hand. And those who were not implanted, or whatever you call it, with it will not be able to buy [things] nor to eat, etc. Now, I have seen some people who were implanted in their hands [and] their heads with so-called MicroChips, to locate a person, see his heartrate etc. Anything to say about this, Ask An Atheist? -Rex from The Philippines

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Johnathan Arriola

I dislike the idea that “gay marriage is like marrying your toaster. It don’t make thenth.” But legal tactical wise it’s pretty devious. Think of it as the Antithesis to the LGBT rights movement trying to get precedence on making discriminatory laws thrown out This guy is using the toaster/laptop deal to try and get some precedence in court and legislation to mark restrictions on marriage. Those restrictions are the dog whistling equivalent of “Ain’t not gays getting murred in mAh state.”. Since a toaster/laptop marriage is no, then what else is a no? Etc. If. I F. The legal… Read more »

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