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Illegal Eggs Over Easy

Becky and Nathan highlight similarities between Saudi religious sensibilities, Ultra-Orthodox Israel, and Mike Pence. David Diskin talks up California Freethought Day. And we ponder what perfumes and beauty accessories atheist starter kit might include.  (Definitely not jade eggs or witch oil).


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In Israel, separation of religion and government is only intended, not official or enforced. So even with anti discrimination laws, the religious body that operates a service can’t be replaced for being implicitly discriminating, can present token compliance with anti discrimination laws, and is given leniency when it comes to inequality for being religious. Israel is no longer the “secular beacon” in the middle east. That’s a vision that would fade within decades if the trend continues: Majority of the population is religious or god believing, in recent years the legislation took a religious oriented turn, the supposedly secular education… Read more »

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