Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Low Battery, Getting Dark

Becky, Justin, and Luke dissect good and bad legislation at municipal and state levels, comment on the national “emergency,” and warn about our Jenga-tower social discourse. We also celebrate the human ingenuity that brought us 15 years of Opportunity.



Why are smart people religious? Seriously, I don’t get it. Mike from New Zealand

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John Sandlin

This Elevated Marriage thing… What happens if one or the other party loses their faith in the religion?

Steven Kluth

Hey peeps. Three things. 1. I think you’ve seen this week that the RC Church has a far bigger problem with sex abuse than the child molestation insanity. 2. Sam got way too heavy a couple weeks ago. Here’s a topic for discussion: The movie Watchmen is really a story about what happens when a god abandons his people. Dr Manhattan was seen as a god by the Vietnamese in the movie (and book, IIRC). But the book had a stupid ending to unite humanity, while the movie made all-powerful Dr Manhattan the enemy. Discuss. 3. I don’t think I… Read more »

Steven Kluth

That’s “with sex abuse than just the” …

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