Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Reliant Saucers

In a world…where the second amendment is second only to God…Becky, Josh, and Justin brush up an upcoming Christian gun-nut propaganda film, a global youth climate strike, and two alien-related festivals. They also answer 3 listener inquiries.



Why isn’t atheism, humanism, and skepticism the global default position? Why has the portion of the population that was persuaded to believe otherwise been humored, kind of like your slightly silly old uncle, who liked to wear his red clown nose in front of all your friends and embarrass you? How can any college educated person still believe in the god myth? -Bernie from The Internet

Why does it feel like atheists have to “prove” or justify our lack of belief rather than the onus being on those who believe in fairy tales to prove theirs?! -Jennie from The Internet

I want to know why atheists can be as stupid as the stupid they argue against. In my opinion, the questions we ask only reveal y’all have no idea what you’re arguing against. AND… as long as y’all think this is just indoctrination or ignorance, and ignore the possibility that people are wired for god-beliefs…. well, do the math. -Lucy from Colorado

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