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Predictive Pierogis

Becky does not have measles, but 47 other Washingtonians do. She, Luke, and Dan explore the predictive powers of woodland creatures, Christian-led bills in our state and others, creepy anti-drag library patrons, sneakers, oaths, and a church what did good.




I think it’s delightful that we have a mainstream holiday devoted to forest creature prophecies. Chloe from Seattle

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Hello Im trying to leave Christianity behind me but a something is really hold me back. The one thing is how people say it was Prophecised that Isreal would be founded in a day, and that according to the parable of the fig tree, the fig tree is supposed to be israel and that this is the Generation that will see the return of Jesus. (Now ive tried to find the quote but couldnt right now) According to a couple scholars like F Kenton Beshore, a generation is 80 years which puts 2021 (minus seven for the tribulation) as the… Read more »

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