Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Fish Grunts

Sam, Josh, and Luke follow up on yet another Kentucky license plate rejection, question the “wisdom” of sunning one’s nethers, comment on novel ways scientists are attempting to support dying coral reefs, and marvel at an immigrant’s ingenuity in taking down a terrorist with a narwhal tusk.



Kanye running for president? I’m worried, because your country has far too many who’d vote for him. -Urethramancer from Twitter

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I absolutely get the hosts’ hatred for Christmas music. 97% of it gives all of it a bad name.
But then, there’s the remaining 3%. Let me just throw out Halford’s (of Judas Priest fame) “Get into the Spirit”:

Kim Lewis

Hey guys. I know you are having a lot of conversations around Christmas songs lately. Here in NZ we are obsessed with a track called “snoopy Christmas” from an American band, called “the Royal guardsmen”. It was released in 1995 and many kiwis consider hearing this song on the official start of Christmas. It even has a music video featuring the Snoopy and Woodstock from the “Peanuts” comics. The weird thing is no one else in the world really knows this band. But ask a Kiwi and we love it. I admit I LOVE this song, and always shed a… Read more »

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