Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Heavy buzz

Sam aims to avoid existential dread, and fails to do so when he, Josh, and Dave talk about giant bees, white supremacists embedded in police and military, the Deep State, and whataboutism. They also talk a bit of pop culture in a way that relates to atheism, and respond to lots of listener feedback.



The electoral college may soon be on the ropes with more states agreeing to a national popular vote to decide their electoral votes. -Skeptic Bret

The Pope compared pedophile priests to human sacrifice. Apparently Catholicism is against that now? -Dean from The Internet

Sam got way too heavy a couple weeks ago. Here’s a topic for discussion: The movie Watchmen is really a story about what happens when a god abandons his people. Dr Manhattan was seen as a god by the Vietnamese in the movie (and book, IIRC). But the book had a stupid ending to unite humanity, while the movie made all-powerful Dr Manhattan the enemy. Discuss. –Steven from The Internet

Congratulations on successful unprotected space travel, Sam! -Urethramancer from Twitter

Congratulations Sam. Here’s to the next 365.24 planetary rotations! -Endigo from the Netherlands

Is it worth getting into Ham Radio in the internet age? -Meghann from Texas

Despite being atheist, do you guys use expressions like “oh my God”, “Holy Mother…”, etc…? I do and I think it’s more about how language naturally works, that one will understand expressions and use them just because s/he understands it says what is to be said in a given circumstance. -Leandro from Helskinki

Should we start firing rockets full of bacteria and fungus at Mars, hoping some of it will take and give us a head-start on terraforming? Why or why not? -Sam from Australia

What’s Sam’s favorite stout? -Mike from Lakewood

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Oh no you didn’t! Legend of the Seeker isn’t just ‘like’ Hercules; it’s literally another Sam Raimi created, New Zealand based production. The third of his fun, schlocky romps through fantasy tropes. Subjectively I think it’s much better than Hercules, but not quite as good as Xena… And where the source material, Terry Goodkind’s ‘Sword of Truth’ series is sometimes awkward because it takes itself so bloody seriously, it only takes a couple of settling-in episodes before Legend of the Seeker starts to have much more fun with the premise and the utter absurdity of that will-they-won’t-they romance narrative. And… Read more »

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