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Comical Gloom

Becky and Josh review a theist’s strawman portrait of our beliefs, a provocateur’s Satanic conspiracies, another provocateur’s Instagram scandal, and everything wrong with a Christian crowdfunding campaign for a domestic terrorist. Tham tellth why he ithn’t on the epithode.




As a professing atheist, you deny the existence of God, gods, deities, divinities, the spiritual. You believe only in the five senses, the material/energy based universe, the physical world. You believe all faith and emotions are based on complex chemistry and you believe the universe is the result of blind, non-intelligent processes, and billions and millions of years of evolution. Is that a correct analysis of your beliefs?

Why do you act so upset when a born-again Christian tells you “If you believe in Jesus Christ and His salvation you will be saved and if you do not, you will go to a burning Hell forever,” especially considering that the Christian is telling you this because he or she really believes that and wants you to be saved and go to Heaven (even if you believe they are wrong and that does not exist, they are being sincere in their care for you), if it is all a myth and fantasy? -Deacon from The Internet

About the Author: Becky Friedman

Becky works on the Ask An Atheist production team, frequently appears on episodes, and lends her voice to commercial announcements. She speaks Spanish, works as an educator in the Seattle-Tacoma area, and sits on the Board of Humanists of Washington.

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