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St. Crispin Glover’s Day

The crew return to Ask an Atheist with a disucssion of the new OnlySky network, an upcoming Masters of Divinity program through the AHA, and the Pot Smoker’s Bible.


Patheos Ditches Nonbelief Channel; Atheists Jump to OnlySky

Link: Religion News

Atheists and Humanists who previously blogged at the worldview site Patheos have largely ceased doing so after the managing company Radiant directed writers to quit writing “negative or critical posts on religion or politics.” By the end of 2021, twenty bloggers had left the Patheos network, many in favor of the newly unveiled OnlySky media. Author Dale McGowan, who had served as the managing editor of the Patheos Nonbelief channel, was tapped to serve as OnlySky’s chief content officer. Founder and CEO Shawn Hardin hopes the site’s business model both meets the interest of the audience and invests in its own growth.

Humanist Studies MDiv to be Offered At Seminary

The Humanist

The American Humanist Association Center for Education has announced a partnership with the United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities that will offer two new programs: A Master of Divinity in Humanists Studies, and a Master of Arts in Leadership in Humanist Studies. Students with these concentrations will take four courses that incorporate content from the Humanist Institute’s certificate program. The seminary, which is rooted in the traditions of the United Church of Christ, welcomes all denominations and traditions and espouses a commitment to interreligious engagement and progressive theology. It already offers programs in Unitarian Universalist, Islamic, and Baha’i’ studies.


We wrote: I just had a thought about a future virtualized human species that has forgotten its biological origins and is trying to figure out where they come from and posit– instead of a Mitochondrial Eve– a Transistorilogical Mario.

@smokers_pot – “pot smokers bible” The Bible duh. We have forgotten. God = those who from the heavens came. There is no God only aliens that do not want to be worshipped. The prophecy of Isaiah foretells that the aliens create atheists. Drug using atheists.

About the Author: Sam Mulvey

Sam Mulvey is a producer and the technical brain behind Ask an Atheist. He is a collector of vinegar varieties, vintage computers, antique radios, and propaganda.

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