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Humor, Mocking, It's All Part of the Bidness

by casey

After what we felt was a fantastic and lively Episode #6, one accusation in particular surfaced from a viewer, Liz from AZ, that we had not yet had cause to address. Her comments was: First off, I really like what you guys are about and what you’re trying to do. I like that you’re trying […]

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Sunday, July 18th: 'Spiritual' is a Nonsense Word

by casey

From King Mike Gillis: Hello Everyone, Next week’s episode, which I will co-host with Casey Doran, will be entitled “‘Spiritual’ is a Nonsense Word.” My argument is that the word ‘spiritual’ is practically useless because it’s a verbal Rorschach test. Everyone uses a wildly different definition for the word, so inserting it into a conversation […]

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This Week's Show: Why Do Atheists Exist?

by casey

We’re back and this week’s topic will be “Why do Atheists Exist?” with hosts Sam Mulvey and Jerry Schiffelbein! Watch Sunday, July 11th at 3:00 P.M. PST on SCAN TV (Comcast 77, Broadstrip 23 and limited basic service channel 26). Or watch online at here. I’ve been assured it will be a “blockbuster, mind-blowing tour-de-force […]

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Want Pre-Show Banter, You got it!

by casey

We’ll be off the air for the 4th of July this weekend (but if you’re in the Seattle area, you can catch the restored full episode 2 re-ran on SCAN TV on Sunday). Until then, guffaw at us amateurs before last Sunday’s show started:

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