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Ask an Atheist Stream-a-thon This Weekend!

by Sam Mulvey

This weekend is going to be a big weekend for Ask an Atheist– we’ll finally be talking about Scientology!  But first, we’re going to work on civil rights here in Washington. To help put things into perspective, I’ll provide some history from online sources: Washington passed it’s own version of the Defense of Marriage Act […]

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Edwina Rogers Part 1: Where We Don't Disagree

by Sam Mulvey

We mentioned at the end of last episode, ‘100‘, that we were going to be delving into the hiring of Edwina Rogers, a Republican lobbyist, as the Executive Director of the Secular Coalition for America (SCA).   The SCA is the premier advocacy and lobbying organization for secular concepts in Washington, DC.    We’ve spoken with […]

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A Sad, But Unsurprising Update

by Sam Mulvey

Teresa MacBain has written an update about her dealings with her former church at the Richard Dawkins website. I assume, based upon the locked doors, that they felt all atheists must be thieves. The idea that I would sneak up in the night, back up to the doors of the church and make off with […]

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The Other A-Word

by Mike Gillis

About a month ago, we asked for listeners to provide us with secular,  non-religious reasons to oppose legalized abortion. We did this for two reasons. First, because we made a similar request last year on the topic of same-sex marriage.  And secondly, our worst kept secret is that we ask because we’re doubtful that you’ll […]

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Is Pat Robertson Evil?

by Sam Mulvey

I have to admit, when I write about Pat Robertson or Pat Buchanan, I first have to check to make sure I have the right one.   Which professional television blowhard is selling ignorant fundamentalism as intelligence this week? As it turns out, it is the sleepy-eyed host of the 700 Club, Robertson, who’s telling […]

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