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by Ask an Atheist

Sam’s back from a week at Camp Quest Northwest and is excited to talk to Tom and Meredith about everything he missed! Turns out, not much has changed. Jesus is still everywhere and Trump still has the Best Words.

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Nobody Expects the Geneva Convention

by Ask an Atheist

Sam, Luke, and Meredith talk about Stephen Hawking, an actual Hitler Portrait in an Oregon Courtroom and Sam’s attempt to send the judge back to his home dimension, and a J-Pop band in cryptocurrency themed wrestling masks who do not answer emails with boxing gloves.  Unfortunately.  

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Exploding Head

by Ask an Atheist

Shithole. Then, Arpaio. Next, Sam toys with changing the show’s name to Ask A Blockchain, until Dan and Josh help calculate environmental impact of cryptocurrency use. Finally, Dan explains the science of sleep paralysis and exploding head syndrome.

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