Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Sam’s back from a week at Camp Quest Northwest and is excited to talk to Tom and Meredith about everything he missed! Turns out, not much has changed. Jesus is still everywhere and Trump still has the Best Words.


  • Please join us for an Independence Day Potluck Picnic: 1-5 pm in Seattle’s Ravenna Park, co-sponsored by Humanists of Washington and Seattle Atheists. More information coming!
  • For ideas & resources on how to help in the wake of wide-spread family separation of migrants at our borders, we’ll have links on our webpage at, but check out KIND stands for Kids In Need of Defense, with offices around the country including Seattle. Also the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project at


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(I wondered where was this show last week. I Must’ve ignored it by mistake) 15:00 I find everything weird Trump does/says, makes sense if he’s viewed as a an avid TV viewer trying to play the movie role of a president, with no script, no idea where the plot is heading, or what genre of movie he’s in. I suspect he aims for a summer blockbuster action movie, where there are short scenes of the president signing or saying something to heighten the suspense (acting presidential), and is constantly disappointed to find himself in a political drama, and further disappointed… Read more »

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