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Protective Coloration and Folk Music

Sam and Meredith welcome newcomer Tom! They ponder space, Trump’s staffing difficulties, bees, sodium, MST3K, interesting cultural musical selections, their favorite deities, and more!




Note: Musical selections in the show are embedded in the comments!


Did the Virtual Currency Girls remind anyone else of the “Sodium” song from MST3K? -ArensB from The Internet

 Is there any verse on the bible than comforts you? Any verse that you find wise? Any tale whose morale is worth teaching to your children or students?  -Camilo from Quebec

Who is your favorite god/goddess? -Meghann from Texas

Hello Sam, I heard you mention you looked into bands that combined accordion and bagpipes in their music, but that you weren’t impressed by the music you found. One of my hobbies is ball folk, which is a modern interpretation of traditional dances. Both accordion and bagpipe are frequently used instruments by the bands that play ball folk music so some bands have them both. There are of course different kinds of bagpipes and accordions. Fench bagpipes are the most used bagpipes in ball folk, followed by uilleann pipes (Irish bagpipe) so I don’t know which kind you prefer. Some bands also throw a hurdy gurdy in the mix to complement the list of least liked musical instruments.  Here are some examples: Toc toc toc (a French band), Stygiens (Italian band, bagpipe joins at 3:25), Hot Griselda (Belgian band
with uilleann pipes), Naragonia, (a Belgian band).  -Wim from The Internet


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