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Living in the Corner Penthouse of Spook Central

by Mike Gillis

  The residents of a upscale British Columbia highrise condominium building are pissed. The University of British Columbia is building something in their backyard and they won’t have it.  So what is UBC constructing that has them spitting nails? Is it a prison? A casino? A noisy nightclub? A factory belching out black smoke? A […]

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I Apologize to the Noble Turtle…

by beth

…But this had to happen.   If you think Camping is at all sorry for the harm he’s caused his followers, you’re mistaken.  In fact, his response sounds more like a bitter parental figure trying to turn this situation into some trite lesson on hard times and learning to cope. “If the public wants me […]

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S4E6 Preview

by Sam Mulvey

Mike talks about the responsibilities Harold Camping has to his followers, and how he would feel in the same place on this week’s episode of Ask an Atheist.

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