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Someone on YouTube had an Idea that I Like!

by Sam Mulvey

What an odd feeling!   YouTube User “SinnFein4ever“1 writes: Do you have pictures on your site, of those pictures that people have sent in, of themselves next to these end-times billboards? To which we2 respond: No, and that would be kind of nice. So, if you have that happening anywhere, that would be pretty cool. […]

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Drunk Priest Bribes Officers With Sex, Threatens Them With Oprah, Then Sings National Anthem

by beth

Wow. An Ohio priest who was arrested for driving under the influence pleaded not guilty in court Friday to DUI charges after he was caught on tape offering the arresting offers oral sex if they’d let him go. It’s the third OVI (operating a vehicle while intoxicated)/DUI arrest for Father Ignatius Kury since 2004. In the […]

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If You Like Pokemon and Jesus, You'll Love This

by beth

I enjoy these kinds of home made parody videos whether I agree with the premise or not.  I guess I just think it’s cool when people make things.  I do wonder, however, with videos like this one and the now internet infamous Baby Got Book – how do religious people feel about these kinds of […]

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