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Drunk Priest Bribes Officers With Sex, Threatens Them With Oprah, Then Sings National Anthem


An Ohio priest who was arrested for driving under the influence pleaded not guilty in court Friday to DUI charges after he was caught on tape offering the arresting offers oral sex if they’d let him go.

It’s the third OVI (operating a vehicle while intoxicated)/DUI arrest for Father Ignatius Kury since 2004. In the video he’s caught threatening the officers, offering them blow jobs, and asking if they want him to be some sort of “sexual slave.”

Kury, who is a priest at the Holy Ghost Ukrainian Byzantine Baptist Church in Akron, Ohio, had a blood alcohol level of three times over the legal limit when he was arrested.

Brimfield Township’s chief of police says Kury could face additional charges for threatening and propositioning officers, but he thinks the OVI charge and the release of the video are punishment enough.

Happy Saturday, everyone.


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LOL… that was hilarious. Obviously Father Kury needs to stay away from the strong drink. He certainly can’t handle it in large amounts. If I said he was out of his mind, that would be an understatement.

P.S. – Why didn’t he just pray for the alcohol not to affect him? Believe, Ask and ye shall receive… remember? LOL


I disagree with the police chief when he said that the OVI and the release of the video is enough. In every case I know of the police charge the offender with everything their imagination can muster and let the perp’s lawyer deal with it. The pathetic proposition doesn’t sound like that big a deal, but if the guy did indeed threaten a police officer he should certainly be charged. I hope that this head cop is always such a soft touch in dealing with criminals and not just giving a religious leader a pass.

I hardly think this is giving anyone a pass. It does illustrate that “hypocrite” and “theist” are semantically equal.

The third OVI arrest? He has certainly be getting a free ride on that. Anyone else would be doing jail time.

I loved the comment about why didn’t he just pray that the alcohol wouldn’t affect him?

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