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Pole Dancing For Jesus!

Yoga might be spiritually questionable for Christians, but there’s another fitness fad that seems to mesh just fine with biblical teachings – pole dancing!

You need a church pamphlet and some physical fitness to get into the class.  Make no mistake – she’s not teaching people how to strip.  She’s showing people how to worship while stripping.  Huge difference.

I actually really appreciate this woman’s attitude. There ISN’T anything wrong with pole dancing. There isn’t anything wrong with stripping! You can love Jesus AND be comfortable enough with your own sexuality to enjoy slithering up and down a pole like a sexy minx. I wish more Christians (or people in general, for that matter) felt that way.

If you believe in god – that’s cool. But please stop believing in a god that uses sex to punish its own creations. It’s unhealthy for you!

Thanks Melissa and Tosh.0

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The high-heels seem a little dangerous.
Barefoot is probably safest, but if they were worried about that I would think they’d at least pick shoes that don’t put them off-balance while participating in an activity that requires good balance.

Matthew Medina

I don’t think anyone should take fitness advice from someone who claims that 6-inch spike heels are “good for the legs”. I could find about 20 articles just by googling to refute that point.

But no, there’s nothing wrong with what she’s doing, and Jesus would approve. Hell, he hung out with Mary Magdalene – if they had had poles back then, she’d have been climbing it.

Sam Mulvey

Nice avatar, download-person!


Oh man. I just love watching women wrap their legs around a pole. God would be judging them alright… judging which woman pole danced the sexiest, that is. You can paint it any pretty picture you like, but pole dancing is still pole dancing. It comes complete with arousal from the spike heels, visual stimulation, and an active imagination. If the churches want more infidels, then they should put pole dancers on stage right behind the pastor. Turn up the beat to “Amazing Grace” and let her rip. How sweet the pole… ooops… I mean sound.

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