Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

Where's The Fundraising Thermometer?

Hello!  As some of you have noticed by now, the big red thermometer which showed our money raising progress in paying for this season is gone.  That’s because we’ve finally raised enough cash to cover the season we’re currently on, and have moved on to planning for the next season.

So – if we still have another season to pay for, why are we not still asking for cash?  The answer is pretty simple.

We hate asking you for money.

Hate it.  Absolutely think it sucks.  While it makes us really happy and excited that you guys are so willing to help support us, our ultimate plan is to try to become self-sufficient ASAP via paying advertisers and revenue from events we put on, such as the upcoming concert for backpedaling – The End Is Nah.  We might still have to throw the ol’ thermometer up again toward the end of this season, but hopefully we won’t.  Hopefully, you’ll never have to see that big read measuring device again.

The one thing that all of us at Ask An Atheist are left with after the last several seasons of the show is an overwhelming feeling of gratitude toward those of you who have kept us going, either by listening to the show and contributing to the numbers which allow us to attract advertisors, or by those who have taken a direct approach and have donated funds to us directly in the hope that we might still be able to produce our weekly radio program for your enjoyment in the future.  Every single person involved in this project is lucky to have people like you out there, keeping us going with your generous donations and support.  You guys are simply the best.  That’s why I’m posting this video.

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