Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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this fukin RULES!!! 😀
made a shitty day a little brighter, thank you!!

Tech Writer D



As a Christian I would like to say this… And I am going to sound like an idiot for saying it. I am well aware of this and will stick my neck out for it anyhow… I believe in a God I cannot see and I have no proof exists. Because of this simple statement, as a Christian, I must be open to the possibility that Unicorns exist or existed at one time. I should argue that scientists are finding new species every year. I could also argue that we have area’s of the world where less than 3% of… Read more »




I’m a christian and yes “unicorns” do exist as defined in the bible. . I can prove it to any “rational,reasonable, fair minded person. Its just that I rarely find a rational,reasonable,fair minded atheist….Ask the admin if you can contact me..

James Smith

I can prove your religion is a scam and a fake. First, your jesus never existed. Show me even ONE contemporary account of a single incident is his supposed lifetime. Next show me any kind of verifiable evidence of any god at all. As I often say, “Shown undeniable evidence, I will change my mind on anything, including religion.” Then I ask, “What will it take to change yours?” When I receive any answer at all, is is inevitably, “Nothing will change my mind.” Ironically, that same person will then accuse me of being closed-minded. That’ s exactly what you… Read more »


Elly, I really appreciate your attempt at maintaining consistency. I can’t pretend to understand it, since to me it makes so much more sense to apply skepticism rather than maintaining faith when the maintenance of faith seems to require accepting glaringly fanciful concepts as potentially true, but I hope you don’t feel too worried about being made fun of for sharing your thoughts. Though I certainly don’t agree with you on some topics, I do enjoy hearing from the religious perspective. Also, you’re right, anonymous in this case did a poor job of arguing his position. Not everyone is up… Read more »

fred jones

Elly your an exception to the rule most religious people are not s honest, with others and themselves.


“Because of this simple statement, as a Christian, I must be open to the possibility that Unicorns exist or existed at one time.” I’m open to the possibility too, however remote it may be. That doesn’t mean I’m going to revolve my entire life around unicorns like their existence is some kind of incontrovertible fact or something. That doesn’t mean I’m going to stand on street corners with a book about unicorns, demanding that others believe as I do and condemning them to an eternity of torture if they choose not to believe. And that doesn’t mean I’m going to… Read more »


Also, I’m not going to demand that my children’s school start teaching the existence of unicorns, alongside the existence of all the other animals. I’m not going to demand that the school library remove all their books about animals because they don’t mention unicorns. I’m not going to go around saying, “Evolution is a lie!” because it doesn’t say anything about unicorns. And I’m not going to demand that a placard be put up at the Grand Canyon saying that some people believe it was dug by a thousand unicorns, using their horns to dig with.


RobC I have never demanded my children’s school teach anything. I have demanded that they keep my kids safe to the best of their ability, I have made a huge fuss when they failed miserabley (my 8 year old was strangled on the play ground at recess and the school claimed it was part of a “game”…it isn’t a game when my daughter is terrified to go back to school), I have even confronted the school’s policy of kicking students who “aren’t progressing well enough” out of a reading program designed to catch reading problems young. However, I have never… Read more »


Good for you Elly. However, you aren’t the only Christian in the world, and there are plenty of you demanding these things and more.


Definitely religious wackadoodles; however, it is quite obvious you will not know how many are not making such demands as there is no measure for acceptance as they generally have no venue to express it. I have a lot of frustration from being judgedone because of the ones who are best at getting the ‘mic’ and are making a stink. Christians are far from perfect and cannot be perfect. Just like we all do in our lives…they improve as much as they can where they can. I cannot dismiss the hypothesis that there is a being capable of what the… Read more »


What a cool visual, I wanna do a painting of Jesus riding a Unicorn! Funny thing is, I’m sure it would outrage most Christians because they would assume that image was intended to pair their ‘savior’ with a fantasy creature to imply he never really existed either. 🙂

Mike Gillis

What do you mean, “fantasy creature?”

There are unicorns in the Bible! Just ask Ken Ham!


unicorns exited, god just drowned them during the great flood along with dragons, griffins, trool, goblins, fairies, nephilim dinosaurs and the missing link


oky … now you need scientific and physical evidence for unicorns because if they exist they would be on earth with us …. but God is meant to be in the sky so for sure you will not find some scientific or physical evidence on earth … cant you think before speak ???? please look for your brain dude i am sure its somewhere there ….

Quentin Leer

I read this funny book called, “Death: Are You Ready For The Truth?” It explains death in a logical way and uses that as a springboard to essentially destroy gods, silly superstitions and religion.

Luke Barrass

Yes it does mention unicorns in the Bible, did the writers mean a horse with a single horn? No. However rationally it had to be a creature the writer had seen at some point that had the distinguishing feature of a single horn. Some scholars think it was an extinct species of a rhinoceros like animal with a huge single horn or it was unicornis rhinoceros (a single horned rhino) or some other animal not identified yet. How ever I think it is a little ridiculous to compare a unicorn (the mythical one) to an all powerful creator being.

Joe Bush

Yes, it is ridiculous to compare a unicorn to an all powerful creator being. A unicorn is much more likely to actually exist.


A horse with a single horn? not the usual two horned horse you mean?

You don\'t need to know

Watch this…but I guess you atheists will still try and find some way out or twist things. I’m not interested in your replies but you’ll all see this and ‘think’ . moral of the story dig deep before you judge God and His word!

You don\'t need to know
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