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Anti-Gay Rights Folks Say Their Position Isn't About Hate…

But it IS about hate sometimes. Hate, ignorance, and a preference for glaring misinformation that confirms already established biases over the truth. You can look at something like the van above, photographed in Oregon, and claim that this is just one insane person who isn’t representative of the views of most people who seem dedicated to blocking equal civil rights for some people, but from conversations I’ve had with many anti-gay rights folks, their position (politics aside) only really differs in the framing of the argument and specific speech used.

More often than not, it seems to comes down to gays being sinful, being seduced by Satan into indulging their “sinful urges”, and they convince themselves that if we don’t recognize gays as deserving equal civil rights in society, that is somehow helping them and everyone else lead a better life.

That, my friends, is both twisted and sad.

And, no matter how gently this idea is presented, it is hateful.

First found at Jalopnik.

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I have never met a gay person half as obsessed with all things gay as the people who claim to hate them the most. They remind me of the Odin Quincannon character from the Preacher comicbook series (ask Mike if you don’t know who I mean).


I love national Satan month. It’s that time of the year when families get together to make god illegal and have a hard on for America.


Someone really needs to rear-end this knucklehead.


U mean him or just his car?


It isn’t always about hate or bigotry. The country has become so focused on not offending anyone that we can’t disagree without being accused of being a bigot, a racist, or a religious zelot. This example is extreme. It is easy to admit that. Is being gay a sin? Yes. The bible says so. However, I can accept the LGBT community into my life without qualms. It isn’t about making gay people into second class citizens, or making gay people go back into their closets. So what is the “gay” controversy all about then? It is about protecting our clergy… Read more »


Bible never says being gay is bad. Just no sodomy, or masturbation, or any splooge that doesnt result in a monster clawing out of ur vagina

Mike Gillis

Elly, again. When you act to limit the rights of an entire class of people, yes. It’s hate. The operative difference between someone who denies gays equal rights and is nasty about it, and the person who does it but clucks about how they love the sinner, is minimal at best. When you think you should enjoy rights that LGBT folks will be barred for sharing in, it’s second class citizenship. There are hundreds of state and federal privileges denies to even gay couples in states with “equivalent” statuses like domestic partnerships or civil unions. Churches are protected by the… Read more »


“It isn’t about making gay people into second class citizens, or making gay people go back into their closets.” Denying gay people the right to marry and raise a family is treating them as second class citizens. Allowing employers to fire gay people simply for being gay, or landlords to refuse to rent to gay people, or hospitals to refuse visitation rights to same-sex partners, is treating gay people as second-class citizens. It is forcing them back in the closet. These things are happening right now, today, at the behest of religiously-motivated bigots who somehow see a simple request to… Read more »


The only reason there’s even a “gay controversy” in the first place is because RELIGIOUS people can’t just leave gay people alone and let them live their lives in peace.

So don’t tell me how equal rights for gay people is somehow an “attack” against religion. Don’t tell me your churches and clergy need to be “protected” from the scourge of having to treat all human beings as equal. Don’t you dare.


Judge not lest ye be a dick, right? I love how they “dont care about gays” but cant stop from homophobic hate mongering. Im not gay and im not a better person for it, if anything, im not as fun

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