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Before I get on to writing more important things, I thought I would highlight a comment we got on our blog recently.   This is something I do.

Right on schedule, and that is to say “four weeks late”, here’s a truther with the usual word salad in the blog.    I’m not going to reformat or try to relinkify everything because at this point.   Case is the man who meets these people head on, tries and (surprisingly) often succeeds in making friends and common cause with Truthers, all for the cause of skepticism.

…I’m not that guy.

I’m certain there are people out there with a real question about the official narrative of 9/11 who are also sane people who I would like to know.   I said it on the show, and I think it bears mentioning again:  I could be convinced of some shenanigan on the part of the US government.   I’m not one of those people who thinks that the United States government has never done anything underhanded.

That said, I don’t think the government is as competent as the Truthers make it out to be.    Also, I’d like some theories that don’t required the refutation of scientific understanding in order to be possible.


I used to be an official story supporter until some yrs ago i came across these amongst other things tht troubled me n i want u to tell me wht to make of those. passport of hijacker “magically” recovered whilst whole plane INC BLACK BOXES were demolished, larry silverstein insuring of wtc 7 just weeks be4 911 n him SURPISINGLY GETTING an appointment with the dermatologist on the morning of 911(watch?v=HEb4vxK72TE&list=F­L9EyEXZUdmjHXd-ZVP4FPuw&index=­5). note also tht it was confirmed tht when Silverstein said “pull” there WERE NO FIREMEN in there so he cldnt have meant tht, there being wargames practicing a terror event with planes just days be4 911, building 7 coming straight down evenly WITHOUT first one side breaking off n then perhaps the rest following in an uneven n random pattern, the news lady stating wtc 7 had fallen WHILST IT WAS STILL STANDING clearly in the back of the news studio window, ALL of the black boxes SUPPOSEDLY, BUT i say it again A PASSPORT OF A HIJACKER SUPPOSEDLY SURVIVED, most security footage from the pentagon confiscated with only those tapes from which neither a plane nor anything else can be seen n one can just say “well ofcourse it was a plane, so many ppl supposedly saw it”, OBL NOT BEING INDICTED, GOV NOT DEVIATING FROM STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES(NOTE the former gov Jesse Ventura, also a 911truth supporter, PARTCICULARLY stresses when tht happens one ought to be extremely suspicious), thermite samples found in wtc dust BY NON US GOV FUNDED scientists(IF u can show me tht the Journal which published those results ACTUALLY was also considered illegitimate BEFORE they published something related to 911, thenN ONLY THEN, ill consider tht) otherwise tht too is another strong indicator N MUCH MORE 4 which i ask u to see “debunking 911 debunking” here on utube n also look for the debate btw Jesse Ventura and Michael Shermer at google.
ALSO watch the video by thefollowing atheist showing how the nanothermite theory is LEGIT
THEN come back n tell me if u still think theres nothing extremely fishy abt the official story n whether these rnt strong indications, if not evidence, of the us gov n ultimately the private feds involvement in these attacks. id greatly appreciate it.

Oddly, we’ve talked about a lot of this already on the episode. I’m assuming that this is a drive by comment, but if Case (or anyone else) wants to take a crack at debunking this stuff, I’m game.

Also, this comment also reminds me of a certain cleaning product.

About the Author: Sam Mulvey

Sam Mulvey is a producer and the technical brain behind Ask an Atheist. He is a collector of vinegar varieties, vintage computers, antique radios, and propaganda.

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Mike Gillis

Random usage of ALL CAPS, dozens of links to videos and no paragraph breaks. It’s like MLA for crazy people. I really wish that conspiracy nuts — like their creationist counterparts — would surprise us by actually listening to the show before cut/pasting their stuff. We’ve actually covered this. Yes. The U.S. government has done some nasty shit over the years — some of which Sam mentioned in links — but this doesn’t mean their just evil for evil’s sake. Or that since someone has done some bad things that they’re capable of ALL bad things. I wasn’t personally a… Read more »


I was on the conspiracy side of the fence for maybe a few weeks, after I had been inundated with the whole Alex Jones camp of crazy, before I knew who Alex Jones was. Once I had read enough and looked into enough of what was known about the incident to feel like the conspiracy theories just didn’t hold water, I would try to talk to other people who were formally my super bestest friends in the secret knowledge conspiracy club and the response I got was shocking, annoying, and consistent. When you ask serious questions of people who claim… Read more »

Petr Buben

911 is controlled demolition therefore inside false flag operation. Per irrefutable scientific evidence, per common sense.



Wow. Just what was expected. mmm…copypasta. You would also think that people would take them more seriously if they made their posts make sense grammatically.

You can look back and edit things, as well as utilize on-the-fly spellcheck, before you hit submit. It takes just a minute more or so, and it makes a lot of difference.


While I could, and to some extent do, believe that people at the highest levels of the Bush Administration knew that ‘something’ was going to happen, and that they possibly allowed it to happen to give them an excuse to push through their pre-prepared agenda of human rights and civil liberties violations, I do not believe they knew exactly what that ‘something’ was going to be. I *cannot* believe they knew exactly what was going to happen and allowed it to happen. And I *cannot* and *will not* believe they actually planned and carried out the entire operation.


Occam’s razor!
Huge conspiracy involving cover up by thousands of people, which nobody seemed to notice whilst the prep for it was happening. Operation involved total disapearence of hundreds on the aircraft…versus some religious nut jobs hijacking scheduled aircraft & flying them into prominant buildings….My money is on the nut jobs

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