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The Winter 2013 Listener Poll

by Sam Mulvey

We’d like to make sure that the changes we have in mind will be positively received by our listeners. To that end, we’ve established a listener poll to help us figure out what people would like to see.

Also, we’re skeptical about the Pope. Or we aren’t. There is contention!

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Ask an Atheist about that Other A-word

by Becky Friedman

As early as our days on public access, our viewers and listeners have eagerly asked us “When are you going to discuss abortion?”  In keeping with our founding purpose as a show dedicated to atheism, skepticism, and the separation of church and state, we searched for a way in which this intersects with the topic. […]

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Alert the Conspiracy! Truther Ahoy!

by Sam Mulvey

  Before I get on to writing more important things, I thought I would highlight a comment we got on our blog recently.   This is something I do. Right on schedule, and that is to say “four weeks late”, here’s a truther with the usual word salad in the blog.    I’m not going […]

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Scripture Says…What? for the Week of September 4th

by Mike Gillis

In this week’s look at the funny, the scary and just plain weird passages in humanity’s holy text, we revisit the Bible. This passage this week comes from listener Calladus from Fresno, California, from Genesis 2:18-20 New English Translation: 2:18 –  The Lord God said, It is not good for the man to be alone. […]

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