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XL: Pay Attention

This week, we talk to Bill Cooke, Director for International Programs for the Center for Inquiry, and Séan McGuire, a blogger and supporter of the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda. We’ll be talking about stuff that the Freethought Community needs to know about and support. In addition, we’re doing an extended edition of the show this week, with a third stream-and-podcast only section where we catch up on our usual news and emails.

Bill Cooke

Bill Cooke is the Director for International Programs for the Center for Inquiry. He coordinates the work of CFI’s international affiliates in far-flung places as Uganda, India, and Egypt, all from his home in New Zealand. We interviewed Bill during the CFI Summit in October 2013, and were promptly awed by his experience seamlessly melding humanism and skepticism in freethought communities around the world.

Séan McGuire

Séan McGuire is a Canadian atheist who writes at Two years ago he wrote a piece introducing Bwambale Robert, founder of the Kasese United Humanist Association and director of the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda. Over the past two years Sean has spearheaded advocacy and fundraising for basics such as improved nutrition, building materials, and agricultural resources at the school. Here he is to tell us about his involvement, and how the school has changed in just two short years.

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Conner Steacy

So a woman in Costa Rica is allegedly cured of cancer by praying to Pope John Paul II and in so securing said Pope of his saintly hood. Two days before the Canonization ceremony a man is crushed to death in northern Italy by a crucifix erected to honour the Pope’s visit to the region in 1998.

If the correlation of the woman’s cure and Pope John Paul II sainthood are to be believed then should the untimely and shall I say miraculous death of this unfortunate man negate the Canonization ?

Conner Steacy

Conner Steacy

As a random thought. Humour in religion, or lack there of, is a concept that has been rattling round my synapses for years. I am not referring to the practitioners of course, the priests, the imams, the spiritual advisers and so on but the actual religion itself. There are no fart jokes in the Bible. How is that possible? Imagine 12 dudes at the last supper (or is it 13 I can never remember) drinking heavily and feasting and….nothing. Not a simple one liner or two. Yes, I know, ultimately Jesus dropped a bummer on everyone but it must have… Read more »

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