Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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But about that prayer discount. Was it specified it had to be a christian prayer? If not, I can imagine some really weird things happening in that diner.

Carl Blare

After trying many times I am unable to download a full copy of the AAA Show for 12/14/14. The download always freezes before completion and I end up with a short show of about 30-minutes.

Something might be wrong with the audiofile, I hope you are able to fix it.

Thanks! Carl

Carl Blare

Happy to tell you that the download problem I had in Comment No. 1 has been repaired, the trouble was at my end.

Enjoying the show!


I’m with Dave on this one… Sam’s argument might be better rehearsed, but boy it sure is tortured. Even if it’s legally correct in this case, that doesn’t necessarily make it a good one. To summarise: A bakery discount for prayer is an example of christian privilege, and because christian privilege has led to discrimination and persecution in the past such a discount is potentially harmful and thus morally wrong? That about sum it up? So say I own a cafe near a skeptic convention and as a fellow atheist/skeptic I want to offer a discount to people with convention… Read more »

Sam Mulvey

Apropos of nothing, I just won $50 off of myself.


You had an interesting discussion on the “discount for prayer” issue in this episode. While prayer is probably not a good use of time it could be a good way to express ones hopes. One doesn’t have to pray to a god; one can hope or wish. If the restaurant owner was truly nondiscriminatory, he would accept an invocation like the ones atheists have given at city council meetings. If someone wanted to pay me for a prayer, I’d say something like: I pray to all humanity to give up the myths of an all powerful creator; to take responsibility… Read more »


Israel is not a theocracy. Sure, it behave in a theocratic manner due to a decades long religious guilt campaign that your dominionists would envy, but Israel was declared and is (still) officially secular. And if the people at the time weren’t in a hurry to get to power, there would’ve been a constitution stating it. ‘Jewish State’ is a misunderstanding, an intentional one used to guilt the non-religious population of Israel into acquiescing to religious demands, that brought about the current state of affairs in Israel, where religious restrictions hurt Jewish Israelis more than anyone else. The source of… Read more »


So, what if that restaurant wants you to do a Hitler Salute before giving you discount?

Cheryl in Tacoma

I just have to say I love Dave, in a wholly platonic way of course, for his cerebral take on everything. He’s so objective about everything. My $.02 — I think anti-discrimination laws are to protect people from different treatment because of things they can’t do anything about: race, gender, ethnicity, disability, etc. I can decide whether to wear Seahawks gear into a bar — I can’t decide not to be a white woman. A veteran’s discount is based on a choice the person made. I find it interesting that in this country, the preponderance of discounts for voluntary choices… Read more »

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