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XL: Kirby Delauter…

…or the terrorists have won.

This week, je suis Charlie.    But also, we talk about the funny thing we wanted to talk about before intolerance intervened, and we interview David Williamson of the Central Florida Freethought Community on the recent marriage equality news there.

This is a long episode, as it includes an extended fourth segment, and about 10 minutes of material that was heavily suggested to me that we include.   Also, since we’re on the air, we’re a little “freer” with our language.

Also, here’s what I’m talking about regarding that Google search of that town in Maine, in case they get rid of it:

Google Search Turner, ME.

Google Search Turner, ME.

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Sam Mulvey

One of the things I was planning on saying, but didn’t, regarding Orthodox Jews and plane hijacking, was a difference in implied violence.

Don’t want to come off as *too* stupid.


I’m with you Sam. For as long as I can remember (40+ years) there has been religious madness. I’m so sick and tired of seeing death and destruction in the name of Superstition. Shit’s gotta stop. The best way to combat an Ideal is with a better idea. Keep doing what your doing.

Geoff Rogers

Regarding the eruv discussion.

Given the nature of the eruv ruse, which apparently fools god into thinking parts of outside are inside, I took a page from the book of Wonko the Sane, put up a loop of string in my backyard and ritually declared everything inside it to be outside. As I understand it that now means that god thinks everywhere in the world except the small area encompassed by the string is now the inside of my house, so anyone can carry shit anywhere any day.

I think this this legally makes me a rabbi.

Geoff Rogers

Regarding the question of getting tired and asking myself if I can be bothered, Yep, I find that my close compatriots tend to suffer burnout, as do I. Sometimes, I wonder why I bother. Does anything really change. Why keep going at this after 20 years or so. And then I remember, or am reminded, that absolutely this is the case. Shit changes, bro. Most of my activism is through the written word, much of it online. Yes, we see the same fucking bullshit arguments reiterated every day, but this is what I try to keep in mind, Iäm not… Read more »

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