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Florida, Books, and Death

Sam, Bridget, and Becky talk to David Williamson of the Central Florida Freethought Community about the goings on in that end of the Obtuse Triangle.  On either side of the interview, Becca joins Sam and Bridget to talk about religious books, dimensional sex, and the death penalty.

Oxford comma, people.

The document mentioned in the interview is available here.  You can find it in the “agenda packet.”   Check for the “pre-meeting invocation policy” study and recommendation.  It is listed as “Exhibit 10” in lawsuit.

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Re: Mullahs in the news allowing oral sex… Why, why why did you only talk about fellatio and not cunnilingus? What a missed opportunity to draw the mental image of a mullah muff-diving! Plus, the term “oral sex” has an unfair default assumption of being performed on male gentitals… Next time, let the ladies come first! Re: Prophecy being owned by Jesus, Mohammad, religious figure of choice – no, no, NO! The most amazing prophets were Darwin (Theory of evolution confirmed by DNA), Einstein (Theory of relativity confirmed by gravitational lensing), Pasteur (Germ Theory/Immunology confirmed by innoculation) and on and… Read more »

Alison Randall

I was selected for a state jury in Spokane a couple of years ago. They had us file into a classroom and they showed us this little industrial film before the final selection. I was struck by how much it felt like a Scientology video. The part that stuck with me was the claim that judges and lawyers are unable to tell if witnesses are lying, but that we plain little folk had the unique talent of doing. I thought, “well, that’s just not true! Why would they want us to think that?” Spoiled the whole experience for me. I… Read more »

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