Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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James B from Chandler

Just finished this episode on my morning drive to work. It was a bit of a hodge podge which I really enjoyed. It’s great having an astro-physicist to ask question too, he kind of blew my mind with all the distances and the discussion on infinity and the different types. I’m probably going to spend most of my day thinking about the Infinity Hotel example. Becky mention she teaches astronomy to school children. I don’t know what ages she teaches, but AstronomyCast, a podcast on astronomy, did a multi episode series starting at Mecury and examining each planet out to… Read more »

Alison Randall

This business about Pokemon cards being evil reminds me of a moment from my childhood that I would have found hilarious (yet disturbing), today. A teacher at my Junior High School decided that the radio that played rock music during our lunch period (this was in 1979), must be turned off due to invisible demons that infected our minds. You remember backward masking? There was an hour-long episode of the 700 Club that was dedicated to uncovering this terrible phenomenon. The teacher showed this to a bunch of parents (and two of my friends and me) after school. The parents… Read more »


For clarification for those who don’t live in the Seattle area, and are listening to this streamed on the internet today on Aug. 9th, this was recorded on Aug. 2nd, (I guess) when there was Seafair and hydroplane races in Seattle, so an AanA program was not aired on 1150 AM KKNW. The Seafair races were aired on the radio instead.
I don’t know what program was aired on the radio today. I didn’t turn it on.

Safe travels while you’re on vacation, Sam and Becky.
Have fun. I’m sure you will.


That talk was interesting and mind blowing. Thanks. Christians like to defend their believe in the resurrection of Jesus. But, I have not read of their defense of their belief in his so-called ascension into heaven. It is simply impossible for a human body, dead or alive, to float up from the earth, into the clouds, and into outer space. Don can explain what would happen to that body if it did go into outer space. The Discovery Institute, who promotes intelligent design, produced a film called, The Privileged Planet. The Earth and our solar system are between arms of… Read more »


That may not be technically correct. The universe is not expanding faster than, or even at the same speed as, light. But, given how immensely big the universe is, and that it is expanding at a very fast rate, the cartoon would illustrate how ridiculously imaginative it is to believe that Jesus could ascend to God in heaven beyond the outer limit of the universe. Over 46 billion light years away. “. . . the expansion rate scientists have measured using quasars is 68 kilometers (42 miles) per second . . .” “. . . someday, all of the galaxies… Read more »

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