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Luck Ran Out

This week, Sam and Josh talk about the eventual likelihood of a doom-and-gloom preacher’s house being flooded by an event nominally caused by gay people. We also talk about vaccines, and an argument that might be Pascal’s Wager or something less smart.



…as it were.

From our subjective perspective – either some higher-level creative Intelligence is responsible for our existence or not. There is currently no publicly-known, objectively-verifiable, scientifically-reproducible, peer-reviewed evidence sufficiently leading to proof that either is the objective truth. It is a choice to believe one or the other is the truth. Whichever you choose – you are using the concept of faith. Faith is belief without proof. Objectively speaking – only one is the truth and our subjectively formulated opinions or lack thereof have no effect on that objective truth. Such is the nature, beauty, and glory of The Truth – He is perfect and unbreakable.
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Kilgore Trout

Cats, gotta love ’em. Due to kidney failure we had to put our own cat to sleep last year. He was with us for 21 years. A very old cat indeed. We stayed with him and comforted him to the very end. Basically a beloved member of our family died. We were devastated. We’re still not ready for another cat. Maybe someday.

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