Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Murphy Jacobs

If it’s any consolation, I didn’t really pay deep attention to the show until you guys started talking about all the things in life that are around and tangent to being an atheist. That turned you (for me) from representatives and talking point vectors into humans with whom I can relate. I am much more comfortable with the podcast and I listen more closely because, in addition to the news stories and information, I find out about who you are, which helps me judge the information better. Also, you won my heart with the “LARPING as a baseball fan” line.… Read more »


I’m enjoying the show’s break from atheism and skepticism. We need to talk about Donald.


De Vos, possible repeal of the Johnson amendment – I think these entirely intersect between the Cheeto in chief and atheism. Keep up the good work.

Johnathan Arriola

Concerning how to talk about politics. I feel that a scientific inquiry like mode is best, where the answer is less important than the question and where it is directed. One way of doing so is to focus on Harms. That is where the harm of any policy, or position is and who is impacted. Next is to consider who benefits from the policy. Additionally there are direct and indirect impacts to consider, both negative and positive. Then there are Stated and implied effects on both as well as intended and unintended effects. The more scientific sources you can pull… Read more »


Do keep talking about politics. As one of an agnostic persuasion, I think it is important that our community discusses all aspects of our lives and how we connect and interact with them. Politics, especially in the current situation, is part of that in deep, meaningful, and often threatening ways. If our community doesn’t engage and talk about politics, we won’t be represented in politics. I appreciate the fact that there is side talk, personal talk, and funny talk. It helps the weighty issues go down more easily. I particularly appreciate when not everyone behind the mike agrees but everyone… Read more »

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