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50 Generations of Lemon Chicken

Rebecca Vitsmun returns with an update from the Humanist Disaster Recovery Team‘s most recent deployment.  Sam, Becky, and Jeremy discuss pride, politics, and fastidious airline passengers who can’t use religion to discriminate.  Lemon chicken and atheistic love factor in, as well.



What is lemon chicken? I like chicken: French and American Chinese Food “lemon chicken” but what is YOUR lemon chicken like Sam?

MadCat from Twitter

I have been a longtime listener, and I’m happy that I can help support the show via patreon. You were one of the first atheists that I listened to when I ‘deconverted’, and I have been grateful for your presence over they years. There is little more that I can do to help “Ask an Atheist” aside from add my voice to the chorus of support for you. I sincerely hope that your situation improves, and I will continue my support as long as I can.

The second thing: How do I find a humanist celebrant in Seattle? I’m an atheist who is going heartfirst into a marriage, but my head is demanding that I *keep* *religion* *out* of our wedding.

Keep up the great work, and keep kicking butt and taking names.

Colin from Seattle

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Eva Whitley

Seems like there’s an easy fix for the ultra-Orthodox men who don’t want to sit next to women for fear they’ll accidentally touch them. El Al should carry burkas for the men to wear while flying. Problem solved!

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