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And The Horse You Rode Out On

Becky, Josh, and Dan celebrate Roy Moore’s election loss, Sam speaks with official horse correspondent Kristi for some equine analysis, we repeat 7 CDC no-no words on air, marvel at Kim Jong Un’s purported ability to control extreme weather, and laugh, for science, with Dan.



  • Ask an Atheist Has A New Domain Name:
  • The crew and co-hosts of Ask An Atheist will be special guests at the Tri-City Freethinkers’ Solstice Celebration! We’ll update about our plans as they unfold, but expect the full production team, including Sam Mulvey, Rebecca Friedman, Meredith Taylor, Wes Bonetti, and regular host Josh. More info is found by joining the Tricity Freethinkers at or at


For Science







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Alan Culley

All Hail. Finally! The age has arrived to let the world know the truth of the true, and wonderfulness of the season that will be known as CRYSTAL MOUSE. For it will be known that.on the 25th of Decided eleventeen humbled, and near turned skeptic that……..From the skirting board of room one hundred, and one on the east side of the Holeyday Inn, Bethnal green, didst shiningly appear the great, and all brightly. CRYSTAL MOUSE. AND SO LET IT BEGIN All the guests that were gathered there at the Inn were heard to proclaim. “How shall thou be known unto… Read more »


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