Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Buttered Catpunk

WARNING: Turn off your smart devices before listening to this episode!  Sam, Josh, and Meredith address social and service niches the atheist community could grow into, as well as spinning cat-powered robots, and hypothesized biological programming. They discuss a Tenn. atheist candidate, atheist morality, a Trumpian parade, and anti-vaxxers.



What are some niches that you think the atheist community still aren’t filling?  -Sam Tiberius from Kansas

 Is there any validity to the Buttered Cat Paradox? -Derryn from Facebook

The human animal has found in hierarchical organizations a way to survive in the world. If religions could be explained by a single cause of origin, could it be that humans are biologically programmed to serve a master? -Camilo from Quebec

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Sorry I missed you at the Mike and Key hamfest last weekend. A few of my friends and I usually attend from Boise every year.

Maybe next year. I’ll buy the first round!

John N7ZFE

Sam Mulvey

Sounds like a plan!

If you saw the person walking around with a blue sign asking for tower climbers, that was Becky. If you saw the person who got the Van de Graff generator, that was my friend (and head of Radio Tacoma) Louisa. We headed off to Station U-Brew and got it running right after we left.

Hilary Harris

My family went to the after-show gathering last Sunday, and I finally have listened to two of these shows. I am so happy to find you guys! We have felt pretty isolated here, it’s hard to find like-minded people sometimes. This show has been interesting and comforting and my brain feels so good when I hear all that stuff that validates the way I think. THANK YOU for being here!

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