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Risen Lord Jesus RefinesFire Christ

Becky, Meredith, & Josh express alarm at religion can normalize ethnic supremacy, justify hurting children, and shield mental disturbances. Also, we want to build a ziggurat in Tacoma.



“What’s up with government sanctioned monogamy anyway 🤷‍♀️ could that be interpreted as blurring the line between church and state? Toni from Tacoma


Hola, soy Ángel, del podcast Ateorizar. Sólo quería hacer una aclaración sobre “a secas”. En España al menos, significa “sin más”, “sin nada añadido”. Sánchez quería decir que es simplemente ateo, nada más. No es ateo militante, ni ateo a ultranza, ni ningún otro calificativo. La expresión “to the bone” aquí sería “hasta la médula”, que traducido literalmente es “to the marrow”, más adentro todavía que hasta el hueso. No me pierdo ningún programa, un abrazo enorme. Angel from Ateorizar

Hi, it’s Angel, from Podcast Ateorizar. I only wanted to make a clarification about the expression “a secas.” In Spain at least, it means “without anything more,” “without anything added.” Sanchez wanted to say that he’s simply atheist, no more. He’s not a militant atheist, not an uncompromising atheist, nor by any other qualification. The expression “to the bone” here would be “Hasta la medula,” which translated literally is “to the marrow,” even further inside than the bone. I never miss a show–giant hug.


Who is your favorite visual artist? Meghann from Texas

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