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Holidays Hurt My Feelings

Becky, Luke, & Josh rip apart the ADF for supporting Christians’ assumed right to discriminate. We revisit the harm of anti-blasphemy laws, introduce our fear of Brazilian Hitler, and hope everyone has a Supercalifragialistic holiday season!News



[It shouldn’t be] Turkey Day! Do we kill fathers for Father’s Day? Leandro from Helsinki via Brazil

What’s the best temperature to cook a 15-lb baby for atheist Thanksgiving? Daniel from Kitsap

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Magic Eye is a brand. The type of picture that hides a 3D shape inside a visible repeating pattern, is called a Stereogram. Also, the “stare at it long enough” notion is a misunderstanding of how to see the picture. It comes from the experience of people who don’t know how, staring at the picture until their eyes get tiered and they lose focus. That’s how these picture can be seen: your focus should be at about a foot or more beyond the image. If you focus on a point in front of the image, you get an inverted picture… Read more »

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