Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Bridget and Justin help Becky wade through rough news of people doing harm in the name of religion. Focus: Sri Lanka Easter bombings, a huxter selling the “sacrament” of drinking bleach, domestic terrorists and kids inspired to target Jewish, non-white, and gay folks, and a pastor who shows Jesus’ love to kids through S&M. Dayenu!


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Not surprising indeed.
Drumpf is very much an avatar for the god of U.S. conservativism:
– Elected against all odds (Christian persecution complex)
– Saying aloud what Xenophobes think, without repercussions.
– Unharmed by sexual scandals.
– Getting away with financially self-dealing.
– Cutting taxes to the bone.
– Anti-choice
– Anti-Muslim
– Pro-war

He’s already in higher regard than Reagen, and if removed from office he’ll be hailed as a martyr. Possibly even if only impeached.
We shouldn’t be surprised to see him officially deified after death by his cult following, and within our lifetime.

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