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Archaic & Arbitrary

Becky, Bridget, and Luke are unnerved by Christian forgiveness, swearing to god, and sexually explicit questioning of children. But we love India’s court rulings that eliminate adultery and homosexuality as crimes!


Becky will speaking at California Freethought Day’s podcaster and author panel on Sunday, October 14. The event is a free, all-day celebration at the California State Capitol lawn in Sacramento, with entertainers, speakers, and a family-friendly atmostphere. Find out more at



Do you happen to know how atheists get sworn into court? The SCOTUS nomination hearing has me wondering. Both Ford and Kavanaugh were sworn in with the “so help me god” part. Stacy from Tacoma

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Dani is

Hi. Sincere question: what do atheists commonly believe about why there is something instead of nothing. I have googled it and also asked a couple of atheist in person and but got no answers. Is this just an unknowable or is there some sort of natural explanation that people believe? I just don’t get where the Big Bang comes from. If you address this question would you drop me an email so I can check it out? Thank you. 🙂


There is only one common belief held by atheist and that is, “ I do not believe in a god.” So to the question about the Big Bang my answer, and the only reasonable one, is “I don’t know.”

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