Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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On the Ignorance of Species

Becky and Luke welcome Nick back as we discuss plant-based “meat,” religious dress in the workplace and sports, creationist misapprehensions, dinosaurs, and cider. 



Science has not found any evidence that a god exists, but it also has not found any evidence that god doesn’t exist. Therefore, wouldn’t it be just as much of a leap of faith to assert that there is no god as it would be to assert that there is? Wouldn’t both claims be inconsistent with the scientific method? -Mikey from Connecticutt

While I understand that human beings use our planet’s resources to create all sorts of things…I have never seen a human being create an entire planet. So if you and I are WAY smarter than a rock, yet still lack the ability to create a planet…why do atheists and scientists believe that a rock has the ability to create a planet? -Lindsay from The Internet

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