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Becky, Dan, and Josh express alarm regarding assumed entitlement to butts and tabernacles, governmental hand-waving around antisemitism, and religiously-tinged nationality tests in the US and India. Dan clarifies fish grunts for Sam, and we hear from a magnanimous fan in New Zealand.



I know you’ve been having a lot of conversations around Christmas songs. Here in NZ we are obsessed with a track called “Snoopy Christmas” from an American band, called “the Royal Guardsmen”. It was released in 1995 and many kiwis consider hearing this song [as] the official start of Christmas. It even has a music video featuring the Snoopy and Woodstock from the “Peanuts” comics.

The weird thing is no one else in the world really knows this band. But ask a Kiwi and we love it. I admit I LOVE this song, and always shed a tear when I listen to it. Sappy I know, but its message both warms my heart, and disturbs me. And when you listen, remember it’s the German guy who has the Christmas spirit, not our hero.

I’ve enjoyed listening to you over the last 6 months (since I discovered you via Radio vs the Martians), Merry Christmas to you, Becky and the rest of the AaA family from sunny New Zealand. Sam, Kia Kaha – “stay strong” in Maori, though the actual meaning is much deeper than that. We really like having you here. -Kim from New Zealand

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Steve K

Hey peeps. I found this article on 538 about “Millennials Are Leaving Religion And Not Coming Back” that I thought you could use for some discussion. Love you guys and hang in there Sam.

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