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Of Faeries and Fish

Becky, Justin, and Dan ponder the important questions of whether Jesus would beat up Bolton, if witchcraft brought down Kobe’s helicopter, whether your D&D group is a Canadian church, and the extent to which steel melts water fairies. And also coming out to religious parents, and the problematic nature of farmed salmon.


  • Salmon farm plans scrapped because of fairies and fisherman’s lobby
  • Occultist claims Clinton killed Kobe with witchcraft
  • Pastor claims Jesus could beat up John Bolton
  • Rainbow cake is final straw for rebellious student of Christian high school
  • Canadian courts deem Church of Atheism to be not-a-church of Atheism


Why do some people think Obama lost the popular vote in 2012? I see this from Trump supporters on social media. -Bradford from Utah

Hello I am a new atheist, I was wondering if you have any advise for me to telling my conservative Christian family. Thank you for your time. -John from NJ

I’m nervous about telling my conservative family that I’m atheist. What would you recommend? -Brian from California

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Mike Edwards

Terrific discussion juxtaposing the mythology behind not building salmon aquaculture facilities in Scotland versus the scientific rational for not raising farm raised Atlantic salmon. Whether it be by magical thinking or by scientific inquiry saving the planet is saving the planet. I’d like to think that science will win out but that may be wishful thinking.

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