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Candy and Kickers

Becky, Dave, and Nick talk sports, Halloween, Satanists, and traditions new and old.



OK… even if Jesus was real…. wouldn’t walking on water be easy if you knew where sandbars were? So big deal. Peter missed. But fishermen should be able to swim. -Evil Eye Monster from Twitter


Did any of you go out and buy the leftover Halloween candy at 50%? -Meg from Bremerton


A fellow teacher sent out an all-staff email inviting us to the staff room for prayer, reflection, coffee, and donuts before the start of the school day on Oct 31st. The message stated “We all need some extra prayer this time of the year!” I am very offended by this. It is religious. I do not know this teacher well and want to remain anonymous. If I make contact with the admin or the teacher about this, there is a name and a face to the complaint, and I could be “on the radar” and my life (at school) could be made a living hell. Any ideas on what to do? -Alan from The Internet

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Lucy Meadows

Ask an atheist: what is wrong with atheists who don’t want R&D to discern effective tactics to use against theists from tactics that only backfires and strengthens their faith? I argue for R&D and why do atheists disagree? That’s insane.

Makenna Carlson

Hello, I am currently designing a space dedicated to atheism and secular humanism and I would like to expand my knowledge on the subject.I have a couple questions I hope you wouldn’t mind answering for me!
1. What is the primary goal for people who believe in this way?
2. How is this goal achieved? (through prayer, undertaking certain tasks, other)
3. If applicable, what are the spaces like where worship occurs?
4. In your opinion, how should this space make a believer feel?
5. What suggestions would you have for the design of such a worship space?

Tacoma Atheist_73

Hi. How is everyone? It’s nice to have a local (Seattle-Tacoma) atheist radio podcast station. I was born in Seattle, I grew up in Kirkland. I live in Gig Harbor, just across the water from Tacoma. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been skeptical of what Christians say about the Bible and the events that took place throughout the Bible. I grew up in a secular humanist household. We didn’t attend church when I was a boy. Oh, I have family members who did attend church and would often try to get me to join, and to accept… Read more »

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