Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Josh and Becky swat down charlatan cures for COVID-19, talk with Thomasin Satanlad about The Satanic Temple’s infernal ritual at the statehouse steps, and answer some listener questions.



How [do I] kindly respond (or not?) to loved ones who post religious faith statements and images? Do you just ignore? And how [should I] respond to prayer requests for loved ones of loved ones. Hoping for creative, kind yet honest suggestions.-Mary from Pierce County

I was listening to your Of Faeries and Fish episode, and wanted some clarification. In the episode, you guys mention a part of the Bible in which Jesus whips people selling stuff in the temple. Can you clarify which part of the Bible that is?-E. Nix from The Internet

What is an atheist?-Arrbey from Facebook

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