Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Country AND Western

In Memoriam: Morgan Lambert. Nick, Luke, and Becky touch on xmas music, predatory tithing, a new biblical theme park, and domestic terrorist Matt Shea. They welcome author David Fitzgerald, who challenges the historicity of Jesus and his sexuality.



I absolutely get the hosts’ hatred for Christmas music. 97% of it gives all of it a bad name. But then, there’s the remaining 3%. Let me just throw out Halford’s (of Judas Priest fame) “Get into the Spirit.” -Arensb from The Internet

Will the guys be singing Dominick The Donkey again on the show? Being Xmas and all… -DJ from Sydney, Australia

Overly aggressive TOOL fans [are really gnawing at me lately].-Libby from The Internet

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