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Walden -5000

Sam, Tom, Dave, and Ramtho close out the year by responding to listener inquiries about AI, cloning, and genetic modification. They also try to make sense of tone-policing preferred reactions to Nazis,  the problems inherent in a heresy snitching app, and scriptural DNA injections. 



On your December 23 show, you said that JZ Knight claims to channel the spirit of a deceased Aztec warrior named Ramtha. This is incorrect! Ramtha is not a deceased Aztec warrior; Ramtha is a deceased LEMURIAN warrior. Lemuria is a legendary island that has since vanished from the earth, like Atlantis. According to JZ, Ramtha was the general of the Lemurian army which fought the Atlanteans 35,000 years ago. Thanks, and keep up the great work, from a long-time listener and part-time cult-researcher. -Brent from Seattle
Your absence [Dec 16] was missed. Didn’t want to be pushy and be screaming ‘Where are you?’ Figured there must be a good reason. Thanks Happy Holidays. -Randy from Twitter
Jesus WAS the Christ. Christians are His followers. You should probably not opine on something you know nothing al about. -Alex from Twitter
Do Humanists have a moral duty to protect the rights of Ai? Cyborgs? Non biological intelligence? Alien intelligence?-Johnathan from Utah
What’s the atheist position on cloning and genetic modification? And…Genetic superhumans: yay or nay? -Klingon Emperor from the North Pole
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kjell salmonson

I always enjoy Becky, Sam and guests. I’m joyful hard atheist in Fairfield Iowa. (I absolutely know that there no personal gods in the solar system.) I want to give $$$ for help in Windows programming. I prefer Assembler or C++. I’ve designed a unique app with superior colors; somewhat a text editor (MS wordpad is buggy.) Can you refer me to an ethical windows programmer? I also have recently created a totally new communication system: a philosophy that might be somewhat automated! My philosophy was somewhat derived from Hegel. Best wishes, Kjell

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