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Ask A Trailer Park Atheist

Becky of AaA and Tucker Drake, the Trailer Park Atheist, do a cross-over episode where they discuss a blasphemous T-Rex, the Talmud, school & workplace COVID (un)safety, Biblical authorship, momentous points in history, and more!

About the Author: Becky Friedman

Becky works on the Ask An Atheist production team, frequently appears on episodes, and lends her voice to commercial announcements. She speaks Spanish, works as an educator in the Seattle-Tacoma area, and sits on the Board of Humanists of Washington.

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Salma Awale

Hello, I am doing a sociology report on the secularization of religion in the United States, and I was hoping to receive your professional opinion on a few questions I was hoping you’d be able to answer. 1. Do you consider yourself to be a practicing a religion? 2. Do you view the secularization of religion in America as positive or negative? Why? 3. Do you think groups of faith today should secularize to western standards? Why? 4. Describe an experience, if any, in which you had seen the secularization of a something traditional (such as religion or culture). How… Read more »

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